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Order Of The Eastern Star Fraternity Ring (OES) - Shine Series, Silver

Order Of The Eastern Star Fraternity Ring (OES) - Shine Series, Silver

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The ring designed to symbolize the essence of the Order of the Eastern Star incorporates several key symbols and elements that hold special significance within the organization. Here's a detailed explanation of these symbols:

  1. Five-Pointed Star: The central emblem of the ring, and indeed of the Order itself, is a five-pointed star. Each point of the star is colored to represent the virtues associated with the five biblical heroines honored by the Order:

    • Blue for Adah, symbolizing fidelity, reflects loyalty and faithfulness.
    • Yellow for Ruth, symbolizing constancy, represents steadfastness and unwavering faith.
    • White for Esther, symbolizing loyalty, denotes commitment and bravery.
    • Green for Martha, symbolizing faith, signifies trust and belief in one's convictions.
    • Red for Electa, symbolizing patience, embodies endurance and perseverance.

    The downward pointing of the white ray towards the wearer serves as a reminder of the importance of loyalty and bravery.

  2. Encircling Gold Band: Surrounding the star is a band of gold, which stands for unity among members. Gold, a precious metal, symbolizes the value and strength of the connections formed within the Order. This unity is foundational to the organization's communal and charitable endeavors.

  3. Subtle Engravings:

    • Open Book (Bible): The engraving of an open book, typically a Bible, on the gold band emphasizes the Order's foundation on spiritual principles and teachings. It signifies guidance, enlightenment, and the importance of faith in the lives of its members.
    • Gavel: The small gavel engraved on the band represents authority and leadership within the chapter. It symbolizes the governance and organizational structure that supports the Order's activities and ceremonies.
  4. Vine Pattern on the Edges: The delicate vine pattern engraved along the edges of the ring symbolizes growth, interconnectedness, and the natural development of personal virtues among the members. It reflects the idea that individuals grow and flourish through their involvement in the Order, supported by the bonds of friendship and mutual support.

  5. Interior Inscription: The inscription inside the band, "Fidelity, Constancy, Loyalty, Faith, Patience," serves as a personal reminder to the wearer of the virtues they are encouraged to embody. These virtues are central to the teachings of the Order and represent the moral and ethical principles that guide members' lives.

Together, these symbols not only decorate the ring but also imbue it with deep meaning, reflecting the rich traditions, values, and spiritual foundations of the Order of the Eastern Star.


Includes wooden display box.

The diamonds are hand set AAA grade cubic zirconia

Rhodium Plated option, ensures enhanced durability, resistance to tarnish, and a premium silver shine that lasts. Ideal for those seeking elegance and longevity in their jewelry. Plated on a heavy, durable copper base and mixed with palladium alloy. It is our strongest plating option.

Solid .925 Sterling Silver option, this ring has exquisite detail. It is solid sterling silver all the way though making it heavy and incredibly durable while having a brilliant shine. This option is best for members who are planning on wearing the ring daily or very frequently.

Personalize: Select "Personalized" if you'd like to customize the inside of your ring with 2 lines of inscription, up to 20 characters per line (see picture to see exactly what area of the ring will have the inscription.) Type in the combination of letters and numbers in the text box on this page. Most customers personalize with their last name or nickname on the first line and chapter and cross semester on the second. Please allow an additional 5 days to customize an order.

If you select "Non-Personalized", the ring will arrive as the default, with the nothing inscribed.


The dimensions of the face are approximately 34 x 34mm

Weight: 60g

Shipping is USPS

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