Solid Sterling Silver Replacement Program

Introducing the Solid Sterling Silver Replacement Program (SSSRP)

For our proud Fraternity and Sorority members who love showcasing their rings, we understand that gold plating is sometimes the first choice. It's perfect for those special occasions and ceremonies, and it can be enjoyed for years. Yet, the nature of electroplating means even the best plating might tarnish or wear off over time.

Why Choose Solid Sterling Silver?
Solid metal rings boast unparalleled durability compared to plated ones. They can be cherished indefinitely without the worries of fading or tarnishing.

Enter the SSSRP!
Not everyone opts for sterling silver initially, perhaps due to cost concerns or unfamiliarity with our product quality. Our SSSRP bridges this gap.

  • What's the Deal?
    Use the amount you spent on your plated ring as a credit towards upgrading to its solid sterling silver counterpart.

    For instance:
    Purchased a plated Kappa Alpha Psi Shine Series ring for $189.99?
    Upgrade to its silver counterpart priced at $399.99, and you'll only pay the difference: $210.00.

  • Upgrade Window:
    All rings can be upgraded within a year of the original purchase.

Our vision is to reign supreme in the fraternity and sorority ring market. Programs like the SSSRP ensure that you always sport the finest quality jewelry within a budget-friendly range.

Ready for an Upgrade?
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