Design A Ring For Your Organization

We have years of design and ring manufacturing experience and we would be happy to make a ring for your organization.

For us to consider making a new ring, we would need to chat with a decision maker within the organization to establish a relationship and an informal agreement to work with you and be the supplier of rings to all members.

There is also a minimum pre-order of 20 to get started.  That means, we will make 3D renderings of the ring design that we agree on and then we will accept 50% of the pre-order.  When the rings are done, we will send pictures of the final product and ship them when we get the remainder of the outstanding payment. 

The price breakdown is like this:

20 rings - $199.99/ring

25 rings - $189.99/ring

40 rings - $159.99/ring

50 rings - $149.99/ring 

The prices include the 3D rendering fee, the mold fee, wooden display boxes, and free standard shipping.  The price does not include inside inscriptions of up to 2 lines at $40/ring.

From the time we agree on the rendering and receive the initial payment, it takes about 30 days for you to get the rings.

Please let me know if you want to proceed and put me in contact with the decision maker.

Our email address for design inquires is

Thank you again for your interest!